Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The ZOO - part one

You have seen the preview, right? Well, there is a follow-up, and there will be more, since kids are enthusiastic, almost ecstatic, and trying hard to find new animals. The rule is "basic features, no legs or eyes allowed, unless that is the only distinctive feature". They propose, I am trying to keep up. Some proposals are rejected from scratch, some are the "duh! how did I not think of this?" kind.
But enough babbling for now. Enjoy the parade!

Team together

Happy feet 
The king of the jungle
blablablasaurus flex 
Fly terror
King of the Yard
This last guy took a lot of space. Whatever I did, couldn't get a decent photo of him without the surrounding crowd. Is it just me, or is he really vane?


  1. This time I zoomed the image to be sure that the tail of chubby is.. curly!! :))...I like his nose. Cute-cute....
    And I must admit : I don't have any clue what is the last one . Peacock ? Turkey ??
    I just can't wait to see a chimp. ;)
    And, the next step is to build a boat, isn't ?? ;)

  2. got that right! is a peacock! I though of his nice "antenna" things, but then, they would be dangerous for little 2 yrs old..., so I gave him a crown instead :)
    Me likey too the whole zoo, there are still more to come, at least on my paper draft they are waiting for their turns. And my work table is filled with multicolored felt triangles, so they are coming :).
    Didn't think of the ark! hmmmm, that's a whole new perspective!

  3. ohaallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    amaising jungle!!!!
    u re create the life!!it miss a Noe too!