Monday, September 27, 2010

Zoo - continued

Some more animals have seen the light of the day, or shall I say the light of the night? since all of them are mostly sewn and captured on film at the artificial light available at nights...
My day job keeps me busy, therefore just evenings (sometimes late evenings) are left for crafting, so my little friends come into reality one by one, slowly, I would say painfully. Well, I've sketched them in one evening, just one or two were added afterward, but so far, only a dozen has became solid pyramids.The slowness of the process is killing me.
Ok, I didn't make just one of a kind, so maybe I've made already 30 little things, but not 30 different species, if you know what I mean!
Now, take a look at the new comers, who's already gotten friends even if they are unlikely partners, and to a merry gathering that is going to join a little girl, the same one that has received some time ago the blanked called Pinky.

 Now, this guy deserved a picture to show you his back. He's the brother of the giraffe, in the sense that the line, as well as the spots of the giraffe, are felted. Yup, that's right: I've cut up little spots/lines, then felted them into the background colour, and just after this proceeded with the normal assembly process. But I think is worth the work, when I see the giddy light in the eyes of the kids.

Merry gathering

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