Monday, March 29, 2010

Long time no see...

...says an old saying. Well, you can imagine I've been busy. Not busy, but super busy. Cause we cannot just stop everything we're doing, do something else and them resume. No, that would have been to nice.
So we moved to a new home, while still going at work (and my work is just some sitting-behind-the-desk thing, but hubby is a bit more delicate subject... he has to perform surgery every now and then, let's not go there, OK?), celebrating the move with a huge box robot, having a kids party (the middle one turned 10, thank you ;), having open house for all friends and a zillion other things.
I've been busy doing curtains (and believe me, we have some windows :))) ) arranging a bit a space where I can spread my creative skills (call that my studio), fixing a tone of small sandwiches with paste of this or of that for whomever entered the house, fixing kids their favorite foods, buying plant and not forgetting to water them :P.Now I'm shortly leaving to visit some friends for a day or two, and that is what caused this post and some (more) work to do. Because I cannot just learn a new technique by doing just one thing. No sir! that is not me!. I've seen the famous Kanzashi flowers and I've fallen in love with it, so what better excuse and opportunity to make some than the visit to friends? They will receive one, I get to learn something I like, what better deal can be?
So I started cutting "just" some colors... (I wanted them rainbow, not just plain one color, hm... maybe that was a tad ambitious?)Maybe from the other side?

Hm, it still looks an awful lot! Never mind that, I've started pleating.
And sewing (how do you do a surgeons knot??? I could not understand that from my surgeon at home, since he can only do it with his instruments... I'm not going to tie knots of string with a surgical instrument! No way!) ... To make a long story short, this is the result:

The green one is the pleated version, the other two are the originals. I've been using 10 cm squares, the flowers are about 5-6 cm big.
'Til next time!