Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Martzischwaray" :))

A bit late, let me tell you the story of an old tradition in this East European part of the world: every 1st of March we celebrate the beginning of spring. This celebration is a remnant of old paganic traditions, but nevertheless is carried out to this day forward.
This celebration involves, usually, the giving, by the men, boys and children, of small tokens of luck, or charms, or maybe a small jewelry, all accompanied, with no exception, by the red/white string.

The legend of the red/white string goes like this (short version :)): a young boy loved a young girl. Girls father didn't approve. Boy take girl from home and they run away. Girl father sees and tries to stop the stealing of his daughter by shooting an arrow at the boy. The girl knows her father is a good archer, therefore she takes the arrow in her chest, protecting her loved one. Her blood falls on the first flowers of the spring, the snow-drops. To remember their love and her sacrifice, we always give the red/white string.
There are variations in the story, depending on the region, even the habit maybe completely reversed (women give to men), but the essence the same, all over the country, and even in some neighbouring regions of other countries.

I think is a cute tradition which reminds us that we should love each other, that we should care about our loved ones, protect them, care for them, and I also think is a good time to have some activities with the kids.

This year we took a quilling class, so we decided we will only give hand-home-made "martzischwaray" (this is the name of the things given on that day) made using this technique.

The fotos below show only my share of the bunch... I made a pile for hubby to give to all his feminine encounters over the day. At the end, he was a success and was back home happy that he passed through the day without worries :). I still have leftovers for next year, so no work to do :))).
The kids also gave to teachers and female family, and every little hand-made-by-them piece was very much appreciated and loved.
I leave you now in the company of some fotos, showing the result of 1-2 days of work (shall I say fun? :)))) )

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New arrival on techniques pinboard: soutache

Now, my dear fellows, I show you something that I have not done before: behold, Soutache jewelry!
Oh, what does that mean? It means that some soutache cord (hence, the name of the thing) is taken and sewed all together, inserting here and there fragments of your imagination :).
No, not your imagination, but beads, stones, feathers, whatever your imagination (yes, this is it's place) brings up front.
What I like most about these things is that they grow on their own. They have this fascinating tendency to be alive from the begining ( I almost wrote their birth :))) ), as if they are whispering in your ear what they want to be when they will grow up.
I know some other poeple out there are capable of first designing their jewelry, for me every piece is a continous surprise, up to the moment when I look at it and it tells me: I'm ready!
I let you enjoy some pieces that were born this way.

painted agats

sun stone and glass beads

glass beads and pearls

glass beads and pearls
glass beads and crystals, kumihimo cord

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer fair! Come one, come all!

This Saturday and Sunday, the very first summer fair to which I'm proudly participating!
Please join us for a nice cup of coffee on the museum's terrace, some intersting shopping and why not, some relaxing weekend moments!
You can even bring your best friend with you :)
See you there!