Friday, March 04, 2011


I was just editing my "wish list", how I like to call the list on the right side that is called WIP, and it's got me thinking. It is not a list with things that are really on-going on my desktop, but things that I would very much like to make.

OK, I'll admit, some are on my tables, in different stages, but some are just ideas. And, because I didn't get as organized as to have a folder/map/notebook/something with ideas, I'm using my side bar to keep track of beautiful things I would like to see coming out of my hands one day or another.

Now, that I'm writing this, at least three more projects are crossing my mind as being forgotten from the list.

Well, this drives me to some conclusions:

- I have to set a up a map/folder/notebook where I could put my inspirations/ideas/would-do things.

- I have to get a little bit more organized: ideas are crossing my mind, but they are quickly flying away, and when I remember, is already one year later. I think I'm getting pressed by the time :)

- I have to struggle more to really finish things. I've noticed that deadlines I can usually meet, even if that means I'm sewing till 6 o'clock in the morning of the day when I should deliver ;). So I guess it would be an idea to set up dead-lines: if you don't make this by then, then you have to let it go. But, on the other hand, isn't that a bit harsh??? On myself?

One friend (OK, Murphy too) said that conclusions are the places where you stopped because you got tired of thinking, but, in this particular case, I think it's a bit different. I was looking for conclusions, because I'm tired of doing things always in the last 5 minutes, because I'm upset of always missing something, because I just want my hobby to grow as a hobby and not as a pain in the ass :). (sorry for the word pain :P). I needed some points to relate to, some milestones to walk further, a line to draw between what it has been and what it will become.

I've been reading a lot lately. A lot of blogs. A lot of ideas. She wrote a bullet list, which I found very useful and pertinent. Someone else said other interesting things. She recovered from "I-just-want-to-quilt-I'm-quitting-the blog-thing", coming back and having fun again. There is more, but these are just the most striking things that stayed in my memory (I told you I need a notebook :D).

The final impression I have now is that one can have fun and do what she likes. As long as it doesn't transform into a "Friday 13" type of nightmare :)))).

The reason I'm sharing all this? No reason, just using my blog the right way: as means to share my personal crafty part of life. This is not a shop, it will never be. I think I'm not good at sales, and I definitely don't want to get annoyed by all the mechanics behind a shop. I want to sew nice warm colors, I want to live my dreams, I want to fly on my clouds, be happy with my loved ones, grow old and wise :P.

Thank you for reading this loooong self-exposing post.

Aaaahhhh, almost forgot!!!! I also have some news for my Bucharest friends: my (surprise) bags are to be found also in a real shop now: Hippie Hippie Shake, in Hanul cu Tei. Open even Sundays between 11:00 and 17:00 hrs.
These are some: