Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been playing lately with this new concept of drawing organized things. I've been doodling nonsense on paper since primary school, but it never occured to me that I could give it a gracefull from. It was always banished and always a bad thing to do on the school papers. And it was always someone else that had talent :), not scared little me.
Nowadays, Smaranda has bestowed on us the possibility of doing actually something nice with the flowers and curls I've been putting all my life on all paper around me.
She's started a new blog, and gathered much dedicated people around this.
I feel humble in my beginnings, but I want to do this, and I am thankfull that she's shown me a way.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Zoo - continued

Some more animals have seen the light of the day, or shall I say the light of the night? since all of them are mostly sewn and captured on film at the artificial light available at nights...
My day job keeps me busy, therefore just evenings (sometimes late evenings) are left for crafting, so my little friends come into reality one by one, slowly, I would say painfully. Well, I've sketched them in one evening, just one or two were added afterward, but so far, only a dozen has became solid pyramids.The slowness of the process is killing me.
Ok, I didn't make just one of a kind, so maybe I've made already 30 little things, but not 30 different species, if you know what I mean!
Now, take a look at the new comers, who's already gotten friends even if they are unlikely partners, and to a merry gathering that is going to join a little girl, the same one that has received some time ago the blanked called Pinky.

 Now, this guy deserved a picture to show you his back. He's the brother of the giraffe, in the sense that the line, as well as the spots of the giraffe, are felted. Yup, that's right: I've cut up little spots/lines, then felted them into the background colour, and just after this proceeded with the normal assembly process. But I think is worth the work, when I see the giddy light in the eyes of the kids.

Merry gathering

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The ZOO - part one

You have seen the preview, right? Well, there is a follow-up, and there will be more, since kids are enthusiastic, almost ecstatic, and trying hard to find new animals. The rule is "basic features, no legs or eyes allowed, unless that is the only distinctive feature". They propose, I am trying to keep up. Some proposals are rejected from scratch, some are the "duh! how did I not think of this?" kind.
But enough babbling for now. Enjoy the parade!

Team together

Happy feet 
The king of the jungle
blablablasaurus flex 
Fly terror
King of the Yard
This last guy took a lot of space. Whatever I did, couldn't get a decent photo of him without the surrounding crowd. Is it just me, or is he really vane?

Monday, September 20, 2010


Some folks have moved in on my table. Well, to be correct, they first moved in my dreams. Than they started invading my table. You wonder who? Here they are. Some of them. The rest are still in transition from the paper to real life. I feel like Gepetto, sometimes :)))
 Here is a close-up
Now, the idea came form here. She's got it from several other places, mentioned in her blog. Which, by the way, is very interesting and instructing and funny and helpful... I think I should stop now. But I really liked it :D
Good night, everyone!
p.s. my new sewing machine is a dream. A total fairy tale dream. I'm in love, can you tell?