Saturday, August 25, 2012

Biiiiig neeeews!

Hey there!

I have, finally, a very nice and wonderful and joyous news to share with you all:

I have a site! all for me! all for my quilts and jewelry and projects and plans!

From now on, I expect you all to come pay me a visit there, in  my new little home:

I will keep telling you stories, and add tutorials when I can make them, and provide all information that I can.

See you there!

p.s. I'm counting on you to pay me a visit :))))

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wow... summer is almost over!

And I've ignored you totally for some time. I apologize for that, but it so happens that I was busy living a hectic life :). I hope you can accept this apologies, and we can jump to the next step in the process: let me show you some recent work.

The innitial selection

The first arrangement of squares

Some embroidery in progress

The final product :)


 Backing and binding (O, I loved so much the stripey fabric, the way it blended in with everything!!!)

p.s. there is a girlie verison somewhere out there, and as soon as I get my hands back on it I'll make nice photos and show it as well. That quilt was so quickly gone I evenn didn't remember to take photos untill the day after!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soutache, jewelry...

... or just some lazy summer works.
This summer has been already the hottest summer so far, at least in my history, and even if we live all day long indoors, with airco's on on full blow, ther still is a funny pressure in the air, some sort of laziness syrup getting all arround.
One gets to accomplish very little things, just because nothing goes quick.
In this harsh times, I've managed to finish yet another baby quilt, one with boys this time, but about this and another girlie version in another post. When I'll get to take all the necessary pictures and edit and write the story.

Back on our today post, I'd like to present you some more soutache pendants. Not as many as I used to make, but very nice. At least, I liked them very much. Sigh. They both flew out the door the moment I introduced them to the world. And I even have orders for more! Enough small talk, let me show you the two beauties:

Well, do you agree with me?