Friday, July 23, 2010


Officialy, we're gone!
This blog will now take a break untill return from the country-of-all-quilting-possibilities, the mighty US of A that is :))).
I hope to see ya all in good health and good shape when I'll be back ;)

Happy quilting and blogging and crafting, folks!

p.s. these photo's are from the internet, from places we'll go and from places we will not go :P. Real photo's of our trip will follow somewhere at a later stage.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Presents... part 2

Although not completely finished, I have to share these now, since we are already packing and doing and running around for last minute details. I plan to hand finish them on the plane, imagine that :))

The inside detail was the idea of my little boy, who was already forming the shape and utility in his head loooong before the squares were even something together. He was just remarking that a backpack-with-something-to-hang-things-from-inside is much more handier that one with nothing in it. So I added the loop, and a small pocket, just in case.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

custom order

Soon after the delicious present series, I've got a custom order. It had to be a girlie pink bag, but not pink, but pink, but colorful... just like the story: "a color that is not any color, but is not the color that it is".
I hope I was up to the challenge... by now the little one should have received her pink bag that is not pink.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lollipop with flower

It's called lollipop because is sooo sweet. And with flower because, yes, it has a flower. It had to have a flower. You know, it was just asking for it. So I've made it. There. Lollipop with flower

I must say that the fabric selection was made while Andreea Maria was born. This is the quilt that saw the day of the light in the same time with the little one. Long and happy life I wish them both, the quilt and the little one! May God bless your every day, Andreea!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exhibit numer... ;)

I still owe you some photo's, from exhibition works. Here they are:

The Magenta

The Iris
The Zebra
The Zebra is about four times bigger than the Iris, which was the try-out for making the Zebra, and is one group theme, interpret the work of Victor Vasarely, a famous visual artist.
The Magenta play is part of a group play, where, together with my friends from "Peticelul romanesc", we've exchanged some pieces of fabric and we tried to make something original out of it. I wanted a "tree of friendship", unfortunately, my quilted tree is barely visible, and I was too upset about my not-working-free-motion-quilting to keep on reinforcing it... Long sad story, my tree of life is just some bubbles over strange squares. Well, I supposed it has to do it for the time being.

Monday, July 12, 2010

presents... part 1

Sometimes, looking at a pattern makes it get stuck in my head. Like it wants to become, but not just yet.
Then, a certain fabric strikes. And, from the clash of pattern and fabric, new ideas emerge.
This was the case of these beauties, that were born last Saturday.
These are going to be presents. The people who will receive them do not know yet ;). Please, don't spoil the secret!