Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Presents... part 2

Although not completely finished, I have to share these now, since we are already packing and doing and running around for last minute details. I plan to hand finish them on the plane, imagine that :))

The inside detail was the idea of my little boy, who was already forming the shape and utility in his head loooong before the squares were even something together. He was just remarking that a backpack-with-something-to-hang-things-from-inside is much more handier that one with nothing in it. So I added the loop, and a small pocket, just in case.


  1. Oare cum vei putea sa termini rucsacelul in avion? Sa ne povestesti cum ai trecut de controlul vamal cu acul si foarfeca! :))

  2. Lili draga, cu foarfeca sigur n-o sa trec, stiu deja ca nu se poate. Dar am un alt taietor de ata, si cred ca voi putea trece cu el ;). Si daca nu, dintsii nu mi-i scoate nimeni :))))
    Povestile... cand ma-ntorc :))