Saturday, January 29, 2011

I think I'm hit by a bug

 My dears and darlings, as I was saying, I think the bag bug bit me. Look, this is my holiday luggage. Yes, while all the house was packing ski suits, t-shirts, socks, swimming suits, etc. I was packing: pieces of fabric, shisha mirrors, beads, thread and other necessary tools to keep me busy on the one week ski vacation. 
You may see further proof of my madness, in all colors and variations. 

 Ahem, yes, they are 2 kinds: the left and right ones. The purpose is not to have two the same. Look-alikes, yes, but not the same.
This being said, ladies and gentlemen, I declare the holiday as begun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mass production

I've told you I'm producing a mass of items! Here is the proof :)))

And furthermore you may see more details in this slideshow, I thought adding too many photos of the more or less the same thing would be boring, but, in the same time, I couldn't resist showing off with those beauties.

I really enjoyed making them, and I liked them so much in all the color of the rainbow I was about not to let them go... but then I thought "hey, you can always make some more", and I've sent them in their way. They are now about to meet their new owner, a nice lady who makes jewelery. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a blog, so I can't show you her work... that is going to fit into my work and be gifted/sold together :)))).
I've learned that making more items at a time, strangely, takes less than doing one item form start to finish, then repeat. I've learned that practice makes me get shorter times, after repeating and perfecting a procedure.
I also learned some negotiation techniques :P, and I've discovered a lot of wonderful shops on Dawanda platform. Quite an accomplishment, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pouch bags - continous mission :))

I've told you I'm mass producing. Here is proof:

I like them very  much, but these tiny pouches are a bit fiddly to make. I can't wait to start working on woman/mother/valentine's day models (yup, I'm planning a series. I have mirrors and Rhine stones and beads floating all over my dreams, and my working tables :D)
Do you like them?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bags - reloaded

First one of a new series: jewelery wrappers this time. Same pattern, same execution, different size than the ones made for presents last summer. Off course, different fabric :))

And this is just the beginning "of a new era", meaning I am mass-producing the things. What, is it not mass production when you make 10 of the same kind? Well, for me is close enough to any regular assembly line: I am working in production phases, therefore I am very productive :D. I've produced so far three more assortments. And I'm thinking of more :PPPP

The Chinese brocades came from far, far away: I've got them In San Francisco, in China town, during last summer's visit. Not all of them, but the prettiest :). Well, now they have found their purpose. We are all happy.
Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading along, and may you have a wonderful Day!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Baby quilts - Christmas edition

Beside regular Christmas items, this year I've had a special order. Three baby quilts, two baby girls, twins, and a baby boy.
The rule was, as usual: to be the same but different. I guess I've reached my goal, I've received a lot of appreciations.

The first plan was to make them naked, but then, since it was a(n) (almost) Christmas gift, I've decided it had to be more festive, so I've sewn some decorative lines, I've added some other bling! elements, and there you have: three little baby blankets, all cotton, all soft, all warm...