Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bags - reloaded

First one of a new series: jewelery wrappers this time. Same pattern, same execution, different size than the ones made for presents last summer. Off course, different fabric :))

And this is just the beginning "of a new era", meaning I am mass-producing the things. What, is it not mass production when you make 10 of the same kind? Well, for me is close enough to any regular assembly line: I am working in production phases, therefore I am very productive :D. I've produced so far three more assortments. And I'm thinking of more :PPPP

The Chinese brocades came from far, far away: I've got them In San Francisco, in China town, during last summer's visit. Not all of them, but the prettiest :). Well, now they have found their purpose. We are all happy.
Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading along, and may you have a wonderful Day!


  1. Mass-produced or not those are Wonderful !
    keep going ! :)

  2. Foarte dragut modelul tau, pot sa-l fac si eu?

  3. Sigur ca poti, modelul este acelasi de asta vara, am schimbat doar materialele putin, si dimensiunea. Mie mi se pare un model simplu si simpatic :)))