Monday, November 02, 2009


After struggling, re-doing, thinking, and some more thinking, matching and querying, it is finally ready: the baby girl quilt with sunbonnets destined to be the child's most precious cloth.
I'm happy with the way it finally came out. The binding comes from Holland, fabric I bought 5 years ago. I didn't feel it matched any project till this one, when it was "the perfect match".

One of the girls "had" to have a cat. It was too small to make it an applique, it would have been a disaster. Then I thought of making it with felt, wool and needles, but would have it resisted the high temperature wash, the wear and tear a baby quilt gets? I didn't think so, therefore I've came up with embroidery as last resort. My little girl noticed, when it was finished, that the cat should have had also eyes, because, from the mustache, you could see it's looking to us, but I thought it would have been too much. She agreed when I explained it's too small to be able to make beautiful eyes, and she concluded: the cat is blinking like a lot of people do when you take a photo, and we caught it with her eyes shut! I just love her when she draws such logical conclusions...


  1. Quiltul ti-a iesit foarte frumos!Iar modelele cu sunbonetts sunt dragalase!Felicitari!

  2. Multumesc! si de vizita, si de aprecieri...