Friday, September 25, 2009


....or, to call it long, Disappearing Nine Patch. I've came across this pattern here. I've fantasized long enough about how it could be, and after couple of trials, it ended up so:

(Oh, the color scheme comes from another baby, which is not ready yet, I'm in the process of making the sunbonnets for it).


Decorative stitch and binding:


I'm especially happy with the back, which is not the usual fabric, but the soft "baby" fabric that is so warm to touch. This is going to be a baptize gift as well, to a little boy this time. I know it's not blue, but why should we always respect the convention???

Oh, I forgot: the pattern is called "Disappearing Nine Patch", because it starts as a nine patch.

Then you cut it in four, straight through the middle, and rearrange it.

 And than you sew them all back together again. Easy! And it offers endless possibilities. It is very likely you will see more of this pattern around here, because I really like it.

I've been working... crazy :), on things I like sooo much.

Sweet Mary it's finished. Ready to be packed and leave to its destination. Here it is:



sewing (I've recently discovered I can use decorative stitch to quilt. Sooo funny!)

aaaand binding.

This quilt was sweet from the first two squares sewn together. It's funny how they tend to get their own way...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping session results

I went shopping on Friday, looking for something specific (the blue poppies I used as back to some quilt). I didn't find that. Instead, I brought home this:

and this two (I couldn't decide which one was prettier):


and some decorations:

and some more decoration:

And last, but not least, a gorgeous wool cashmere:

Oh, did I mention my hubby also went shopping? He brought home what he was supposed to, but also this:

Can I say out loud how much I love him???

I've been already transforming the cashmere into a beautiful school dress for a little girl, and the blue roses into a bed set. Both are presents for birthday girls. The dress was already so well received (did you really make it? and just for me?), and the bed set will find its destination today. I hope she will like it :)))

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two on the same theme: Baby girl

Sneak preview: baby girl - baptize and baby girl - bonding

I love the looks of this pattern when it's finished, but the work to go there is quite a lot. here you may see it on its journey, somewhere between step 100 and 200 of the operation...
And this, well, this another "square dance" from enormous quantity of variations that it can be. It is also for a little one, from the selection I've made, but there is still a lot going in my head, before being finished.... The request was for a crazy one like Sweet Mary, but with some Sunbonnet Sue (with cat) somewhere there... I don't see it coming, but hey, maybe it will, who knows?
It is destined to be the child favored's blanket, thats why I called it "bonding"...
(I love the way this photo technique shows my selection... this way I can already see the mix of the colors, their way of blending)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Purple mix

I've assembled the "Field play", and now I'm cooking this:

But off course, I can't help it. My mind keeps on flying here:
Well... this is the selection I've made for two projects. Now, let's see what comes out of it!
(the recipe of the delicious goodies may be found here, in Romanian. If anybody interested, I might try to translate it, but under the mention that I have no clue how those cousins of pepperoni are called....)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Field play - fall - preview

I've finished the top of Sweet Mary, now it's time for a new project: Field play.

Some colors, no?

Friday, September 04, 2009


A new project just started. It comes from the leftovers of this quilt (I'm just there when it comes to cut without number...)

It's going to be "the older sister"... if I don't manage to find another name for it :). It is for the older sister of the little one that received the first quilt. I promised I would make her one, because the 4 year girl just went berserk over her sister's present: she grabbed the patch and wouldn't let go.... so, here it is, the same but different. I hope she will like it.