Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping session results

I went shopping on Friday, looking for something specific (the blue poppies I used as back to some quilt). I didn't find that. Instead, I brought home this:

and this two (I couldn't decide which one was prettier):


and some decorations:

and some more decoration:

And last, but not least, a gorgeous wool cashmere:

Oh, did I mention my hubby also went shopping? He brought home what he was supposed to, but also this:

Can I say out loud how much I love him???

I've been already transforming the cashmere into a beautiful school dress for a little girl, and the blue roses into a bed set. Both are presents for birthday girls. The dress was already so well received (did you really make it? and just for me?), and the bed set will find its destination today. I hope she will like it :)))


  1. Do you like the tango music?
    i m argentine from Bs As

  2. Superbe panglicile! Sper sa mi le gaseasca si mie Elena si sa mi le trimita! Smaranda