Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two on the same theme: Baby girl

Sneak preview: baby girl - baptize and baby girl - bonding

I love the looks of this pattern when it's finished, but the work to go there is quite a lot. here you may see it on its journey, somewhere between step 100 and 200 of the operation...
And this, well, this another "square dance" from enormous quantity of variations that it can be. It is also for a little one, from the selection I've made, but there is still a lot going in my head, before being finished.... The request was for a crazy one like Sweet Mary, but with some Sunbonnet Sue (with cat) somewhere there... I don't see it coming, but hey, maybe it will, who knows?
It is destined to be the child favored's blanket, thats why I called it "bonding"...
(I love the way this photo technique shows my selection... this way I can already see the mix of the colors, their way of blending)

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