Monday, September 20, 2010


Some folks have moved in on my table. Well, to be correct, they first moved in my dreams. Than they started invading my table. You wonder who? Here they are. Some of them. The rest are still in transition from the paper to real life. I feel like Gepetto, sometimes :)))
 Here is a close-up
Now, the idea came form here. She's got it from several other places, mentioned in her blog. Which, by the way, is very interesting and instructing and funny and helpful... I think I should stop now. But I really liked it :D
Good night, everyone!
p.s. my new sewing machine is a dream. A total fairy tale dream. I'm in love, can you tell?


  1. I like your bees and your geese, and I'd love to see a post with and about your new sewing machine ;)

  2. quack quack i'm a duck.... They were supposed to impersonate ducks .... but I've got at least the bees right :D.
    Let me first discover my new love (which came without user manual! it's a whole story) then I will introduce her to you as well :)
    Thanks for passing by!

  3. excuse my mistake : ducks ! could I get it so wrong ?? :))