Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is coming. Finally!

Wondering where I've been? Not far, just here, around the corner, busy doing this doing that, you know, small life things.

But there is one thing I would like to share from my recent activities.
I've been following a course. A jewelry making course, to be more precise.
So, here I give you the results of my first three lessons:

Lesson number one: learning how to make rounded ends and attach them to each other.

Lesson number two: using silicone-wrapped wire and stops.

Lesson number three: more silicone wire and more beads.

Now, there are three more lessons to go, and I do expect them eagerly :))).
But wait, that is not quite all ;). Wonder why I've got this sudden passion? well... I've discovered (duh!) that I can make my own jewelry. And that there is a name for a style that I love since I first loved a piece of jewelry.
The name is "steampunk". It's a combination between pearls, lace, leather, mechanical parts, brass elements and all a strange, SF, old and new mixture at the same time. A lot to talk about, but not now.
Therefore, armed with my first three lessons, I've proceeded creating my very first steampunk piece for personal use.

Behold, admire! Be dazzled by my glorious creation :)))))

Very proud of myself, can you tell that? :)))))

Oh, this is the lady teaching the jewelry course: Ruxandra.Thank you, Ruxandra!

Later edit: couldn't help it. All this talking about jewelry made me go back to my working table. These are the results :D


  1. Oh, these are all so lovely ! I love jewelry, too ...more wearing them than making :D
    I Love ( note the capital ) the orange bracelet.
    Keep going !

  2. Thanks, Tiktacel :))) I'm doing a lot of these things lately, my whole desk was invaded by round coloured things... I'm under siege, but I like it!!!!!!!!
    And... it gets finished pretty quick... which gives me some satisfaction...
    I have quilting WIP's that are laying on my table since a year now...(sigh) ... and I don't seem able to finish them... at least these beads are done in couple of hours, and I can look at something and say "good work! it's done!"
    Thanks for visiting and for support!