Saturday, April 16, 2011

Deep space nine ...

... or me just continuing exploring far away lands of jewelry making.
I have to admit: I like to play, and this time, I have a lot of new toys suddenly at my disposal.
Hence, I keep on playing and making these things, that just keep flowing.
Here, take a look!

These two were made to complete the previous post necklaces...
Then, I got a new idea! hanging stones on some wire... So, tried that out.

The shape was promising, so I had to try it again, with a little variation.

Then, I felt the urge of making something green... And I don't even like green!

Enough green! Time for some purple now!

 Worse part is that I just end one and the next one is already a work-in-progress... I already dream of red and black, of more purple, of gray silver and red..... and I can keep on going :))))

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