Thursday, May 27, 2010

My first exhibition!


Patchwork & Arta Textila
29 mai – 11 iunie 2010

Casa de Cultura Traian Demetrescu, salonul Medieval
vernisaj 28 mai, ora 17

Str.Traian Demetrescu, nr.31, CRAIOVA 200395
Telefon: 0351413369, mobil 0723919750
e-mail : ;

This is a group exibition, a group of enhtousiastic, fabulous, extraordinary women, that I had the chance to meet through our common passion: the pieces :). The group is called : "The Romanian Little Patch", and is guided, with great care and inspiration by Mrs. Smaranda Bourgery, a truly fantastic person, that shares her great knowledge with us, the less gifted ones.... Thank you, Smaranda, for that you are doing for us!

I managed to pull out two quilts, but, unfortunately, since I've been sewing till 2 o'clock to finish them, I did not get the chance to take a photo. You have to wait untill:
a) somebody else publishes photo's from the exhibition, or
b) the quilts are coming back and I can make nice photo's :)))

Bye!.... I'm going to long in front of my computer, waiting for news from the "exhibition comitee"....

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