Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to make a kanzashi flower

These are 2 ways of folding the fabric square, in order to obtain the original Kanzashi flower, and a pleated variation. The red folded petal is the pleated variation, whilst the green is the original. Here we go:

Take a 10 cm square. (can be any size you think you can handle, it also depends on the fabric structure)

Fold in half. Iron. This is the only fold that needs ironing.

Fold in half again, keep fold towards you.

Take the corner and fold it back to you, leaving it a bit aside so you have a pleat at about 2-3 mm from the point.

Take the new corner and fold it again towards you, repeating the same 2-3 mm distance.

Turn the whole construction. (the original fold is now away from you)

Fold the corner towards center, repeating the first steps, mirrored.

Raise construction from table and put a pin in, to keep it together until a later stage.

Cut the loose ends (be careful, not the point!), at about 6 mm from the pin.

Now, the original flower. Take the same 10 cm square. Fold in half, iron.

Fold both corners towards the center. (opening towards you)

Turn around, keeping the fold on the same axis.

Fold in half...

....and mark well the center.

Open again and take the corner...

...and fold it back to the previously marked center.

Do the same with the other side.

Fold in half, with care to keep together the inner corners.

Put a pin in, observing to catch the corners, at about middle of the figure.

Cut the loose ends (not the point!) at about 6 mm from the pin.

Once you have prepared a series of petals (about 8 for one flower), prepare a needle with a strong thread (I've used quilting cotton) and keep it ready by your working hand. Take one petal and take the pin out.

Insert the threaded needle through the petal, on the same point where the pin was.

Take it out. (I use a medical pinch... it is rather difficult to take out a needle from so many layers of fabric)

Leave about 7-8 cm of thread to hang loose at the end.

Continue with the rest of petals, taking care to have them alingned in the same direction.

Now, take both ends of the thread...

... and start doing a "surgeon's knot". That, if necessary, will be subject of another tutorial.

Tie the knot, not very tight, but also not very loose, just average. (leave some space to maneuver)

Start opening the petals, while arranging them on the string.

Form the petals with your thumb.

At the end, put it in the cup of your hand and give it a gentle push in the middle, to give it just it's beautiful form.

Cut the thread.

The same procedure goes for the pleated version.

Now you can start adding embellishments: buttons, felt, etc.

Oooops, I was not supposed to be in the photo! ;)))

Till the next fabric-ated adventure!

p.s. Hubby helped taking the photos. Thank you very much, darling!
p.s.2 I've got an idea of what to do with all these flowers, beside gifting them left and right, or making them hair pins, head band decoration, brooches or other wearable items, just wait and see ;). It also involves some soluvlies and all those loose ends that were cut at a certain point in the process...


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  2. Such beauties!! they are adorable...and the colours...yummy ;).And the "grumpy" is sweet, too .:)))
    Thanks for the tutorial, it's clear, perfect understandable and it's a must. A must try ;).

    1. They are wonderful. I will make them just to look at, because they make me feel happy by only looking at them.

  3. foarte frumos ce ai facut cu florile pe ce le-ai pus?

  4. those are just beautiful fabric flowers, I just might have to give that lesson a try.

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  5. Just love the fabric flowers. Did you post a tutorial somewhere. I would love to try it sometime. Where do you get your fabrics from. You can send an email to arilopez_28@yahoo.com
    Thank you. And keep up your beautiful work.

  6. Thank you very much for show how to make the flowers. Keep up with your beautiful work and generosity. Have a good day.

  7. I was just at an Anime convention in Toledo Ohio and saw these flowers as pins and hairclips. I loved them but not able to afford. Found you tutorial and can't wait to get started. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial; I randomly stumbled upon this while looking for applique fabric petals. I'd like to try it sometime!

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  11. Hermosas flores y tutorial.
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  12. Fabulous flowers! Well done! And thank you for sharing it.

  13. J' adore ce tutoriel, tes fleurs sont magnifiques

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  15. Thank you so much for the easy instructions/pictures.. this sure helps a lot more!! Thanks!

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  17. This is WONDERFUL!!! I just love flowers and have tried to crochet some to no avail!!!! You have made this look so easy..... I'm going to try it this weekend!!! Thank you very much!!!!! :). Happy sewing!!!!!

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  20. Thanks for this tutorial, your flowers are beautiful and thanks to your hubby for taking such wonderful photos of each step.

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  32. Thank you. Now I know what to do with the smaller pieces in my stash.

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  34. Thanks so much for this excellent tutorial! I used it to make the flowers for my Summer Flower Garland on somuchtomake.blogspot.com. I included a link to this post. :)

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