Thursday, March 22, 2012

Turkish delights

Because I am such a nice person (mwahahahaaaa!) my dear husbands thinks I should be spoiled. Therefore, he's the master-of-all-kidnapping-and-going-to-all-exotic-long-lost-for-wonderful-places-I've-never-been-before (are you still with me?) :)))

So this year, for my birthday, I received a nice surprize trip to Istanbul, a short one, but so much cherished because of this. We spent hours and hours strolling along the shops in the Grand Bazar, we went to Agia Sofia, to the Blue Mosque, we had wonderfull turkish lunches and dinners and donner kebap's along the way, we had some sun and some rain, we had a nice small hotel with the spa juxt next to our room :D (I wonder how did he arrange that?!?) and so much more. Thank you, my sweet, sweet man!

Did I mention Grand Bazar? Yes, the old one, with nice narrow commercial streets, covered, where you could go in and be welcomed, and yelled at, and pushed, and pulled, and agressed by so many colors, by so much beauty, where every sales guy just sips a tea in front of his small shop and wait for nothing else that for you, the buyer. They take out everything they have, they literally strip the shelves for you, so you can decide upon the best option of color, quality whatever suits you best. And then, when you finally decide upon a product, the bargaining begeins. Oh the joy, oh, the play, oh the whole process is so jucy and suculent. They enjoy doing it, if you don't go into the little scheme they are so dissapointed. I've even seen them refuse the transaction, if you would refuse the bargaining.

In this 1001 nights Grand bazar I found a small shop which was selling handmade beads. But what gorgeous beads! metal, witn a touch of tuquise and red stones, in beautifull shapes and warm tones, they were impossible to leave. I bought some, and brought them back home, where I made some jewelry with them.
Shall I say they flew out the moment I made them public? Shall I say that I have none left for me? Shall I say that since then, hubby must bear the every day plea: "we shoud go back, I have, I must, I die to have more of those beads!" ?
Now, take a look for yourself and tell me if I'm wrong: aren't they the most beautifull beads ever?

In the end, a slide show with some sites we've seen in beautifull Istanbul. Enjoy!

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