Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas... again?!?

So soon, there comes Christmas again! Right after finishing the long summer "run for fairs", it started the x-mas frenzy. Can you believe I have orders more than I can handle? And that I have tons of ideas, but notime to put them into real life?
All my little felt ornaments.... all my little triangle toys.... my leather necklaces (tempting story involving black lace and pearls and chains...), even my quilts! my beloved quilts! are postponed till further notice.
In the mean time, I keep myself busy with pins, trims, ribbons and patches, all fitted onto acryl or foam.
Here, take a look!

I owe a great deal of thank you to my mother: she's done the crochet part. Well... she has more time than I do :)))))
Now, I have to leave you with these wonders, and go make some more (day job first) Christmas items. If I will find the time, I'll make more photos.
But, before leaving, I have one question to you: how do you like them? I appreciate every response :)


  1. Minunate!!!!

  2. superbe! O să vină şi o tură de târguri de Crăciun?

  3. Merci, Carmina!
    Pestera draga, din pacate timpul nu-mi permite sa fac atatea incat sa am si de dat la targ :). Le-am dat pe comenzi si cadouri... Insa la anul vreu sa ma organizez mai bine, si sa am, intr-adevar, si marfa pentru targurile de craciun ;).
    Daca vrei ceva anume, se poate rezolva :).