Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ladies and gentelmen of the jury...

  ... let me defend myself!

I've been accused lately of showing little or no interest at all to the "textile matter", of "quitting the patches", of "running to a different hobby". Well, let me explain myself: I've always told that I have more than one focus, and that I like to do more than one thing :). In my defense, you can see the very motto of this blog (yes, look up, in the title, there you have it!).
Secondly, I didn't quit the patch world. At all. Just that I'm very busy, and the quilting projects tend to run a lot slower and to be much more time consuming than the others (aka jewelry, for now ;) ), that is why you get to see more of the quick products and less of the slower ones.
I have proof to sustain my afirmations:
Some quilt tops:
Boy one:
Boy two

quilt sandwich to be quilted, for grandpa ;)

and, not quilts, but (who said it's not possible?) from patchwork fabric (oh, that yummy, tasty, mouth watering Kaffe Fasset....) two skirts for a young lady that requested "summery, colorful, twirling skirts)

aaaannnnnnddddd a preview of my insanity, side, back and front.

Why insanity, would you ask? well, that is a completely different story, that will be the subject of another post....
Till then, have fun and enjoy life!

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