Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Short post: I'm not busy, I'm super-busy!!!!!!!!
I'm preparing a sleep-over creepy horror cool Halloween party for the kids. On the craft menu: pumpkin carving, spooky garland making, Happy Halloween felt banners, maybe some dreamcatchers (I still need some supplies, does anyone know where I could find wooden circles of about 15 cm diameter? In Bucharest? yesterday? :D)
For me to do: Witch costume (done), Werewolf (to do), Creepy troll (just some skulls/bones and face painting: pfeeew, no costume!), prepare the whole crafting session, and the food, oh the food: creepy-scary-crawling cupcakes and sandwiches. And, maybe, frozen radish eyeballs :D to throw into the juices.
 Yeah, baby!
Witch costume (hat and blouse, the skirt is from previous years)

I couldn't stand wearing the hat, even for a little bit :)))).