Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Short post: I'm not busy, I'm super-busy!!!!!!!!
I'm preparing a sleep-over creepy horror cool Halloween party for the kids. On the craft menu: pumpkin carving, spooky garland making, Happy Halloween felt banners, maybe some dreamcatchers (I still need some supplies, does anyone know where I could find wooden circles of about 15 cm diameter? In Bucharest? yesterday? :D)
For me to do: Witch costume (done), Werewolf (to do), Creepy troll (just some skulls/bones and face painting: pfeeew, no costume!), prepare the whole crafting session, and the food, oh the food: creepy-scary-crawling cupcakes and sandwiches. And, maybe, frozen radish eyeballs :D to throw into the juices.
 Yeah, baby!
Witch costume (hat and blouse, the skirt is from previous years)

I couldn't stand wearing the hat, even for a little bit :)))).


  1. Hey, witch ! :d ...the hat is awesome !
    you should come back with more pictures....

  2. Plan is to come back with more pictures of the rest of the "activities". If any... but I guess we cannot miss it totally :)))).
    The hat is my version of this hat: http://www.crabapplehillstudio.com/items/314_zelda%27s_fancy_hat.aspx
    When I bought the pattern, I missed the word "pillow" in it, and then I also missed the description :D (it's not intended to be worn :D), so imagine my confusion when I was following instructions to fill it up and sew it closed!!!! I ignored those instructions, improvised on the rim and such to make it a bit stiff, but not cardboard stiff as instructed, and definitely didn't close it up, but left on opening where a head could fit. Now we have a wearable version of the "pillow non wearable Zelda's fancy hat" :). Zelda is the generic aunt of the bunch of characters from a book we read: the Septimus Heap series, so we are a bit closer to the action in the book by having an actual object from the story to relate to :). (kids love the hat, and now they started to be more interested in the story as well)

  3. Very cute version of the hat!! Alot of people have made it into a wearable version (I made it head size on purpose...YAY!) One lady even made it bigger and put it on a traffic cone! Have fun with your party...how about shortbread cookie bony fingers with sliced almonds for fingernails and the other end dipped in raspberry jam?? YUCK! Perfectly icky!! Meg from Crabapple Hill