Monday, November 15, 2010

(drum roll...) And the Oscar goes to.....

Well, my dear readers, you were too scared to guess, I guess :D. Now, it is Monday, and a promise is a promise, so, let's see what this was about.
I gave you this photo:
And a number: 106. OK, I admit, the number was just confusing. You should have thought it divides by two. And think of things in pairs.
As in pair of wings. This kind of wings:
Who got (half of them) hearts.

Then they received a hanging ribbon
And then, nicely paired and ribbon-ed and all set together with the white stuff stuffed inside the wings to make them fluffy :))), they got embroidery, and beads, and fantasy, to become this

Slide show with details:

Sooooooo, the winner is...... (after looong debates and consideration) ..... not one, but two. Yeap, that's right, both of you girls, Ingrid and Sheila, will get a set of three angels, to hang wherever you want to this Christmas, and the next one, and the one after that and again and again. Merry Christmas!

P.S. I thank to all my readers that passed by and struggled to think. I am a bit sorry that you didn't dear comment more, but in time, maybe you will. 

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  1. love these very much , by any chance would you share the pattern with me as i would love to make some of them , they are beautiful !! kindly georgia from ohio ps my personal email is overmypinkrainbow at yahoo dot com