Saturday, December 05, 2009

Visiting foreign countries

Today I have been visiting a foreign country. Let's see, do you recognize it by some of its inhabitants?

(Noreen the keen is mean to demean - rumors go that she's having a bad tongue)

(Raphaella, a fallen angel, that picked up human habits, started smocking, drinking beer, sometimes even she doesn't believe she once was an angel, because nobody believes her)

(a ghotic missie that was happening there with her rainbow friend)

(a thing)

(another Halloween thing)

(Chilperic, another thing :)))

a W.I.P.

(exhibition pannel)

(the mother of them all ;)

Ooooh! I almost forgot! She is Agatha, and she came home with us, very determined about where she is going to live from now on.
All in all, I was visiting Falushtain, the land of dreamed stories, a mysterious, curious and wondrous realm. Go visit too!

p.s. This means I went to the hand made event that is taking place these days in Bucharest :))) and I met Anca, and her puppets.


  1. Te invidiez ca ai cunoscut pe viu acest minunat mai ales pe "visatorul sef"
    Vraja si mister in stare pura!! Fantastic de frumos:)

  2. Oh, credeam ca am incurcat bloggurile! Cat de tare intalnirea! Si ce de fete dragute...:-)dar unde esti tu?

  3. Ea va fi pe blogul meu. Putintica rabdare! :D Multumesc pt articol, Rox! :*