Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easter eggs - pineapple technique tutorial

Hello my friends!
Spring is coming, and in close view is Easter. As usual, I'm doing something seasonal, and I've decided it will be nice to make a small tutorial about how to make these beautiful Easter decorations: Easter eggs in pineapple technique.
Let me tell you first a word or two about this happening: it's a derivation from the patchwork Christmas balls, and it uses ribbon instead of fabric squares.
All you need is some Styrofoam forms, in this case egg form, some ribbons about 3 cm width, a lot of pins and patience. Also, for decoration I use some artificial flowers, as you can see in photos further, and some other ribbons of smaller width.

So, let's start working!

First you take your egg and try to find a base for it (you work better if it's not rolling around every time you put it down) ;-) .

Then, I draw quarters on it, just as a guide for my work. Some folks out there (check you tube) recommend drawing eights, but I'm working just fine with quarters.
Then I cut all my ribbon pieces: for a 10 cm egg, between 80-92 pieces, 5 cm long, depending on how far apart I place the rows.
Then I cut anther smaller piece, in the most neutral tone of all the colors chosen for my egg.
Fix the smaller piece with one pin, as you see, a bit skew.

... the rest of the story is available on my website,
For the time being, it is only in Romanian language, but the photo's are quite self explanatory. Should the need arise (i.e. you as for it in a comment or something) I will make it in English too.

Have fun crafting!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long time, no see, right?

Well, my friends, I admit I haven't been around lately. I mean, around this blog. Or the other one :). 
I've been active mainly on FB, cause it's soooooo easy to just shoot up some photo's with some bits of comment, and get immediate response...
It's so rewarding to get approval as quick as you post something, you might forget that the whole thing is not about bragging, but about keeping a record of what u're doing, thinking, dreaming....

It's been a while, but yet I'm back, and I'll give you a series of stories about what I've been cooking in my workshop and embroidering in my kitchen :)).

Some preview shots:

Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted!